Story of when I became WEB engineer of freelance

I have passed more than 10 years after becoming WEB engineer of freelance (now incorporation). I think that might be useful for someone who wants to be a possibly and now current freelance engineer, I want to write a story of the time.

at that time

At the time, I was doing the engineers of embedded system using the C language in the part-time job at Akihabara.

Because we originally made the Toka proposal with the aim of game planner, it has been doodling without even job hunting at the university, after all after graduation I was a security guard of the part-time job without even finding employment. Since the work I found while such a thing was that the development company, just happy just say that programming can be, worked without worrying about is like too much treatment.


As monthly salary 200,000. No social insurance. Moreover, when a big job entering, was the night continued. No overtime.

Everyday life

We got married under such circumstances. My wife had been hospitalized Toka far unable to work, was no longer enough to run out every so often money. Ultra-poverty life.

Earn pocket money

Because it was in trouble without too money, we looked for earn pocket money in somehow net. Since earn pocket money site was popular at that time, tried immediately. In particular

  • Create a site
  • Spree Paste Affiliate
  • Spree interlinked
  • Spree link click of pocket money mail

Earn pocket money site of the giant seemed to killing in this, but not much money in exactly the common people to say clearly. It was not somehow in the negative, but it did not also be a plus of more meaningful at all.

By the way, because it was addicted to WEB programming, I had to try an affiliate to make a wide variety of site.

  • Of mere HTML site
  • Site made with PHP where you can search for items using the Amazon Associates
  • PHP, rental blogs and rental counter services made in MySQL
  • PHP, community services made in MySQL

It not well knows but I feel like much was making also included and 10 to 20 site maybe trashy site. It is gone already almost. Is cracking to the public in the Windows home server There was also that had been mass-delete the data of your PC. What to white, seems to have been put to steadily acquire the technology to make the service by himself from this time.


nice to meet you. Because clearly said to earn pocket money not financially good for nothing, I decided to try to find possible with the actual PHP work. At that time,

  • @SOHO
  • Submit

Led by around, because there was a project site a lot, Makurimashita applied for even Hiragana to those likely to be myself.

(What Ransazu Toka cloud Works that it is now. Severe do you think is going to continue all the way, I think that it is good in training)

The first is change the order of data in about several thousand yen, in like a work, was able to easily. Also I get to work from the same customer, now we get some of the work of the order of several tens to 250,000.

In parallel, looking for projects with, we were able several customers to get the work to continue. Life will feel like had become considerably easier (I do not remember anymore).

Around this time, I know the PHP framework, now developed in CakePHP1. The impact of when I saw actually a screen cast to create a tutorial can not forget. Because at that time it was just terrible framework, CakePHP1 was quite excellent framework. In order to Konasu to ease the work, we continue to learn gradually these technologies.

It was the sole proprietor registration

Not yet the company quit. There was a sole proprietor registration. The first place because it was the state that is dizzy not Could also put in a social insurance, there was no particular also be uncomfortable problem.

Become a sole proprietor, since such deduction is received and the blue return, simply better treatment than that received a salary in the company, and since has become possible to cost well as the cost of using in their work , now refund is received at the time of the year-end adjustment. We will more and more lives will improve.

I lost the reason you are in the company

In such a reason, it is no longer a reason you are in the company. 200,000 Nante to little enters the hand if you take the other projects Good luck, together from anywhere because there is no insurance and Get the money. Meaning that work hard to berserk company was already nil.

(But, exchange of e-mail and telephone, on the minimum required that the business was learn a little)


At that time, we found a chance projects of the month 600,000 yen using the CakePHP1 in the phrase bulletin board. Contact the person who writes, it has left the company a few days later.

It became a free lance

Did those originally like a free lance, completely made only to work at home, it was released from commuting. Because I thought from the fine before the company and want to quit, I remember scolded really happy Harebare of the still.

What to white, daytime company, free of work at night, because the double life had been followed by much that was very life was over at last.

All that is required to become a freelance

This side is I write only with the kidnapping because there is a variety of people of the article to the other.

Do not give up even yell & Health & painful do all by yourself

As a matter of course.

To keep wearing the technical capabilities required to work

Program as well, what white white in design, only there is a technology life is quite advantageous.

That we prepare the environment can take the work

Required. What also should not be a free lance without thinking. However, now is you are willing to find immediately work if you're even for the time being Toka SES if they have technical capabilities and experience.

Not only a preliminary investigation, such as what to white, is required independent from the actual preparation.

Not only that may become free lance

There is also a good thing, but it is often hard. In particular, I have not entered into a decent company even once, WEB engineers has never been done only in free, so all was while studying, there was that many also the knowledge had happened trouble insufficient .

You may veteran solves even decent that it is company newcomers fail, but nobody does not only do it yourself all not help that it is the situation like me. (Or can not be resolved is not only suffer damage)

Not just on the programming of that trouble, Toka be on the contract, variety, it is in all aspects. The sides also might write in a different article.

Do not think just as it never good. Trouble is to avoid in advance, or even if there is a painful thing, to properly resolve on their own, preparedness that is absolutely necessary.

Do Have you ever wanted to quit

Yes you. Have you ever speculating the idea what to even in normal employment.

It is will somehow work if Kuitsunage in the worst SES does not necessarily mean that there is always, the more that I think if a child can be a family increase is more stable not important.

To approximate Therefore stable even a little, or develop in order to increase the customer, or to seek another earn way, or wearing a new description, the freelance and not even outside (fun while) hold on a person's work I think that is not suitable because, I think that not continue would be yielding to the temptation stability.


Corporation has, but we still continue To Hosoboso. Since just moved to Osaka a few years ago it is in at any time looking for work or horizontal connections.

Not only the technology, sales force, strong human communication skills is I think that I wonder Ikeru more and more expanding the business.

After that, you want to the manufacturing still yourself one of the reasons that became a freelance, I think that the feeling was great that. We are currently making the service as described below. Because it is still under development in the alpha version, thank you to follow if it is good.

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