Skip earnestly Masakari to "programming language be required future."

11/8 postscript: the original article has changed the link since disappeared each account to that of the web archive.

Programming languages require the future we are very crowded the comments section of the article titled. In the comments section, article author

Sure you want if POST wrote the track back to the same theme on your own if you want to put plunged all the rows.

And so had a comment, I will try to post an article that was put thrusting all the rows.

By the way I do it does not mean there is that touched all of the language, knowledge might be insufficient because the people of the back-end engineers closer. I think you'll further skip Masakari with respect to such portions.

Tsukkomi of respect to the original article

The lack of foreword and assumptions

Does not also become a thrust of which rows rather than all rowsBefore referring to the content of the article, let's think about the premise of this article.

Because it does not only talk of Java main development, perhaps premise Will there of. So, it is better that had been written as "discusses the programming language that is required in addition to Java in the system development in Java". It will be taken if not written so as the story of all of the programmer-all of development projects.

Basically, there is a preface to any article, a supplement to the premise and title in it, contains the basis, or the like. For example, the content is close slightly on the basis of article five of the language to learn all the developers in the "I was the translation because there has been this kind of article", in the preface of the translation, such as "I was elected the five languages from this kind of reason." it has been written.
The more twist humor or was exaggerated title, foreword hope to become important.

The other is often is written Who should read this article is who. Toka for beginners, Toka front-end engineering professionals. But, this is often omitted. So you do not need to write one by one say "I Dedicated to all engineers ......". By the way, almost all will be so interpreted as being omitted for the reader.

Their preface is unnecessary! Even if such, is better, which had been written something in a line or two, for the reader will be easier to read it is to cushion.

Title first heading

First thing trivial, but you feel uncomfortable in how to call it "programming language". Naturally there do as how to call it, "programming language" Gugutsu Tara ...... and even call you to say because much "programming language" is arranged at because a person of taste, the problem is not.
Truly The problem is that you are changing the way is called a kidnapping under the heading the "master language". Why change was?

I'd never heard of how to call Nante master language, I guess there as call you. Also I googled with a double quotes as "the" master language "," I did not leave only the original article.

PS: I forgot that bottom line. Since the language is also old, which also include content in spite that say "the future", is the title "the future" is not needed.

Master language require future

Is nice to enumerate the language you, but I want you to write the grounds. Readers will it be read while eating the brain in the memory in the mood. It might be good as a novel if technique, please stop in the technical article.


Why's that contains JavaScript is?

This is the contents of honest article too strong it does not come into the head. Applet is already deprecated technique that has been abolished Toka not related to the OS and the Java Toka is Java does not mean that the unit has been unified but share rate of the back-end high Toka Not only that but Servlet is in the one of the dynamic HTML implementation There are a number would you like what I described, but it is a strong impact as all of them can be felt in the trivial problem.

If you do not know what bad, please Gugutsu in the "Java JavaScript difference" because they are exhausted talks from around 20 years ago.

By the way, reporters author in the comments is

Confusion of JAVA and JS does not have. Because it does not follow that JAVA can be used to ignore the JS.

I wrote, but also to ignore the JS Java You can use. The reverse is also versa. It does not come out talk of Web system but you know if're interested in seeing a need to touch because it is often used in combination with Java and JS in the Web system.


Although I am writing an alternative Toka of Java subroutine Toka C ++ I think that is better to prostrate to Mr. Matz.

Ruby is not a language that was born only for such purposes. Ruby has been used in various places more widely. So I think that if is to write in such a premise. Please have at least put the preface as "In the world of Java main development".

I think that is better to stop to use the tag I RubyOnRails to not mention even once for after Ruby on Rails. Ruby tag if either Ruby neglect that even I think that it is unnecessary.

Once you have the content is correct that says if, why do you do language that is not only used as a subroutine of Java is "programming language be required future". All in Java manner is Jan good at Java, I but I feel.


"The reason is not at all to learn C ++ alone." Or you have taken to say, but I think that is better to prostrate in C ++ all engineers.

Below, it omitted overlap all the contents mentioned in Ruby.

Higher Lower relevance

There is no relationship, such as high-order and low-order basically programming language. Java is it great and sophisticated than Ruby, Toka, you do not have that sort of. (If you do not you are using in that sense, correct thank you)

By the way there if the concept of high-level and low-level. This is the extent and formality is high Toka not that sort of a, is whether close to the machine.

While we are talking of "alternative", very much because I feel like is the one of the story if the system and linguistically alternative of whether share ratio and the language not whether sharp unified alternative chrysanthemum to tsukkomi When put, Toka great because the share rate is high, Toka should be unified, there is no such story. (Is there that it is the upper part of some Japanese companies?)
Programming language is used to select the language that is suitable for the original application.


Why arranged Java, Ruby, and C ++?

(Original article) Summary

(Including JavaBeans) Java + PL/SQL + is not a JavaScript development of all.

Such as world Web service, games, smartphone apps and embedded system offers a variety of services, but this form is not only intended to be used in the part of the Web service. I think that one should experience a little more other sites.

The Boron say "I no reason to read is also reason to get for other language" is not to say here. In Qiita posted site of the article that you wrote, I Python in the tag rankings is in the 1,2 position. Python, do you know?

If the future of the story, I think a good idea to touch a little bit even without learning a new language in earnest. It is imprudent truncate haircut without touching even once to care only share rate.

(In this article) Summary

Dare we listed the Tsukkomi contents favorably captured and is talking about the development of the Java main is a prerequisite. Of course, not be the there is an assumption me know the site more other development , but will be aggregated to.

Certainly Java industry share rate is also a versatile high also in its own way language, you "future" is required. But to see the trend of recent Java, because it is expected to continue to decline later, the stick only to Java is discouraged and think of the future.

It is not that I talk about the topic itself of "programming language be required future". Common to the five languages to learn all of the developers , Ruby-> Go-> learn that Scala order is why it is ideal for the growth of the detonation velocity of engineers to I believe that all that has been raised to , after all is because I think that you want the aim of what is the person, what I want to make is important.

11/7 afternoon postscript: those Japanese of this article is that strange part and additions were fine modify the looks good part. (Write-once portion is mainly (in this article) Summary, handling part of Java)

often technical story When read back does not put out only in Java, so such that there is no content other than Java, dare to leave the leave.

Plunged to Atokome column does not do.