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Operating environment
C++ Builder XE4

RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo Update 2

It has been confirmed through the operation of the 300 near the source of the behavior verified in 10.2 Tokyo in XE4.

It will be summarized the results.

Processing file operation, UDP communication, TCP/IP communication, was primarily to confirm the implementation that have posted on the Qiita such as drawing process.

10.2 The operation confirmed in Tokyo are adding a description of the "10.2 Tokyo" to Qiita article title.

For TeeChart is unconfirmed, to confirm the future.

Malfunction of the software that was built

(2019-08-30 update)

Specification change?

(2019-08-30 update)

Failure of IDE

(2019-08-30 update)

The difference of the results due to the difference in OS

XE4 and 10.2 Tokyo common items (XE4 those that did not realize at the time of use)

Changed item

Well become items of IDE

Some of the UI is getting better.


There may be a Enbagu by the IDE version up that have not yet noticed.

Than already fit a large software implementation already been upgraded, gained further experience in the small software, it would be good to start using at the time it was able to confirm that there are no problems.